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Super Angle of Oppai ~ Premium Edition -- Anna Ohura

Reviewed by Peter Payne

Publisher:Wanz Factory
Available at: J-List
Cost: $40
Quality:Superb, excellent, wonderful
"H" factor: Very satisfying
Overview: Deluxe version of Anna-chan's debut on an indies label

Anna Ohura (no relation to the communications officer of the Enterprise) is a fabulous and very busty adult video star from Japan whose amazing body and erotic style has won her many fans around the world. This new release from Wanz Factory isn't just any Anna Ohura DVD: it, and the "non-deluxe" version that was released a month before, represents Anna's debut on an indies label.

If you read J-List's updates and this site, you probably know that there are two kinds of adult videos, "pro" (affiliated with the Japan Software Morality Association, or Sof-Rin) and "indies." Usually, indies labels attract the best directors, since working with indies labels means you have the freedom to make the best total product, and hence attract the most fans and stars. Anna's previous works by "pro" companies were somewhat vanilla and boring, with straight sex and little innovation on the part of the creators. Now, Anna really shines in this great new indies release.

This deluxe DVD is 3 hours long, and adds a full hour of new content over the first version. Since she's famous for her giant breast, many of the segments involve breast play, including bondage-play, zooming in with a fish-eye lens, acting out breast-fetish fantasies on trains, and dressing her up in sexy costumes. The "Anna's Training" section was great -- Anna as a sweaty aerobics instructor will really get your heart rate up.

We're sure you'll love Anna's performance for what it lacks, too. In true Japanese fashion, Anna-chan acts demure and somewhat shy, even as she's willingly thrusting her chest out to be touched by a porn star, or opening her legs to receive cunnilingus. She's a traditional Japanese porn star, and indeed, a traditional Japanese woman, since women really are like that here (shocking as it may be to some of our American readers).

Since this is an indies release, it's a region 2 disc unfortunately. Please watch it with a region free DVD player, or else on your computer.

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