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4 HOURS of Kyoko Ayana

Reviewed by Peter Payne

Available at: J-List
Cost: $30
Quality:From nice in all respects
"H" factor: Super erotic, with a good mix of themes and fetishes
Overview: Kyoko Ayana has claimed Japan's top big breast idol spot

Every few years the changing of the guard in the Japanese adult video world happens, and the newest "beautiful breast idol" is ushered in. In the past, Akira Fubuki, Rio Sannomiya, Anna Ohura, Maria Yumeno and others have had their time in the spotlight -- now it belongs most righteously to Kyoko Ayana.

In this new work in the "4 hours" series from Million, you get to enjoy some excelent sex with this lovely gal, who laughs and smiles right before she willingly fucks a lucky actor, trying to see how fast she can make him come. (The sight of a Japanese actress holding up a filled condom in triumph is really something to see).

Since she's a big breast idol, you can expect plenty of breast fetish, such as titty massaging with lotion, the old fishnet body stocking, first-person masturbation assistance in which she sucks off a virtual version of your penis; underwater play and Speedo swimsuit sex; and more. Million puts their sass into everything they do, and this production is very satisfying to watch because of it. The long 4 hour playing time and low price just make it all that much easier to buy.

120 minutes. Zoned for "all" so it will work with any standard DVD player.

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