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Bad Girl -- Ami Ayukawa

Reviewed by Leongolo

Publisher:Wanz Factory
Available at: J-List
Cost: $40
"H" factor: Dynamite
Overview: Ami's debut on an indies label really makes the sparks fly

In Japan, there are two kinds of adult video studios. The "pro" studios, which are affiliated with the Software Morality Association (Sof-Rin), an industry body that establishes guidelines for adult videos, are on one side, and studios like Kuki, Alice Japan and Crystal Eizo are part of this group. Then there are the Indies studios, who either set their own standards for mosaic, etc. or are affiliated with more flexible groups hat allow for finer mosaics and more detail in what is shown on screen. In general, the Sof-Rin studios make videos and DVD for the rental market, and they cost $200 per title, while the indies studios make "sell videos" which are sold in video stores, and forbidden to rent. The boldness of the indies labels like Soft on Demand, Wanz Factory, and Moodyz have made them the leaders in the adult world here.

Like most adult video idols here in Japan, Ami Ayukawa started out as a "pro" actress, and had a fairly good career with studios like Kuki and Samantha, making sex that was enjoyable, if a little vanilla. With this new title, however, she's made the jump to the indies world, starting in her first erotic release by Wanz Factory, a personal favorite studio of mine. In this great new release, everything about her seems changed: her style, her sex, and the erotic way she looks at the camera. Have you ever seen anyone look so good in a cowboy hat?

Scenes include a leg fetish series in which she gets "you" (the virtual camera) off with her stocking feet, and expertly aims his penis at the camera as he comes; super office lady sex in an office; sassy hand job and sex in an s&m cage; and sweet lovemaking with her boyfriend, sex that you don't usually see on camera these days because she is really trying to treat him special. We love Ami's new release and hope to see many happy returns!

100 minutes. Zoned for "2" so you'll need a region free DVD player to view.

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