Milk Ichigo Interview

Translated by: Ex-S Woo
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Interviewer: Yours is a very unique screen name so it has quite an impact. I can't decide if I want to call you Ichigo-chan or Miruku-chan. Where did you come up with it?

Miruku: I just couldn't think of a good name (laughs). It was summer at the time and I was eating a (Japanese type of ice cream) and I thought, Ichigo Miruku sounds nice.

Interviewer: So you thought of it yourself. Did your first video come out yet?

Miruku: Yes, at around Christmas. It was released by KUKI under the title "I love you Ichigo Miruku".

Interviewer: Any thoughts on your debut work?

Miruku: I was so nervous, so we ended up taking lots of breaks. I wonder if that'll show up on the tape.

Interviewer: Have you done a lot of work yet?

Miruku: I did two when I was first starting out, then about one each month afterwards. I did five videos, and with today, this would by my fourth time I'm in a magazine.

Interviewer: So you've already done quite a bit. You don't look well today, are you feeling okay?

Miruku: I had to go into the water for my last shoot. It was in the hot springs and I think I feel a bit dizzy after staying in there too long.

Interviewer: You should make sure you don't stay until you feel dizzy when you're in a shoot. That's what you must've done wrong....It's cold outside because of all the rain, so be careful.

Miruku: Ah, there has been a number of times where we had to stop shooting because it started to rain.

Interviewer: So you're a water goddess.

Miruku: No, it just happened twice (laughs).

Interviewer: Two out of four times is more than enough (laughs). If it rained enough that they had to stop the shoot, I'm not going to let off that easily.

Miruku: No it's not. But it was raining when I was doing that photobook (laughs).

Interviewer: You also did a photobook? And you just started doing videos too, that's great...So why did you start doing this type of work?

Miruku: I was scouted. I refused their offer but after listening to them I thought I'd give it a shot. Now that I've done it, I understand what it's about now. It's a bit odd but I think it's fun.

Interviewer: What didn't you like about it at first? Getting shot nude?

Miruku: I just didn't know what I was supposed to do.

Interviewer: For the magazines? Videos?

Miruku: Both, especially in videos.

Interviewer: That's what you're worried about? Don't worry, just act natural.

Miruku: I don't know what to do with just that (laughs).

Interviewer: How many men have you slept with?

Miruku: 300, well, more like 10 (laughs).

Interviewer: Now that was a sudden joke. But well, that sounds like a typical number. So you've been doing things everyone one has been.

Miruku: Hmmm, I wonder about that. But I still find it really embarrassing to have people around me when I do.

Interviewer: You started doing videos first, right? Then I guess it's even embarrassing because of that. Do you remember your director's name?

Miruku: He was this really weird man by the name Happy Yamada (laughs). He was a really interesting person, very unique.

Interviewer: When was your first time?

Miruku: I think he was 3 years older than me? It just happened while I was over at my boyfriend's house.

Interviewer: Ah, I see. How was it?

Miruku: It really hurt but I didn't really feel anything.

Interviewer: So you didn't really like it but you were happy that you did do it?

Miruku: Yes. I was like that in the past, but now I only want to do it with someone I like.

Interviewer: Do you have one right now?

Miruku: No, not at the moment.

Interviewer: That sounds suspicious. Then you haven't had sex recently?

Miruku: No, not for the past 2 years.

Interviewer: Really. Oh well. Did you ever have any sex that was out of the ordinary?

Miruku: With anime masks on (laughs). While we were shooting that, I really thought that was something very fun.

Interviewer: It's a lot of fun if you do it in your private time.

Miruku: I was actually thinking of doing that (laughs).

Interviewer: How much truth are you telling right now (laughs)? What would you really do in your private life?

Miruku: Very normal stuff.

Interviewer: Then wouldn't doing videos be a new thing?

Miruku: Yes, I did some bondage, got blinded by a mask, playing with sex toys, I ran through the whole gauntlet.

Interviewer: And how did it feel?

Miruku: Eh? Oh, the usual...(laughs).

Interviewer: Stop answering so vaguely (laughs). How was the first video you were on?

Miruku: I was thinking of giving up and going back home. The two actors were very angry with me.

Interviewer: Was this the film where you said that you had to stop often?

Miruku: The director was the one who was angry with me at first. The staff were all there and he ended up saying "Okay, let's wait."

Interviewer: How about after that?

Miruku: After that I knew I had to do it so I gave it my best but it still didn't quite work out.

Interviewer: How good were the actors?

Miruku: Well...they're definitely different from normal people.

Interviewer: So you were getting turned on even though you were embarrassed during the shoot. I bet you feel differently about AVs now that you've been in them.

Miruku: Yes, it wasn't as painful as I imagined them to be.

Interviewer: Have you ever seen any of the tapes or the magazines that you were in?

Miruku: I saw the photos but they looked odd. All the photos they took don't look like me at all so it feels a little weird.

Ichigo Miruku's Profile

Born: February 2, 1981

From: Hakkaido

B: 83cm, W: 58cm, H: 84cm

Height: 157cm

Blood Type: 0

Owns over 600 manga volumes, most recent favorite is Black Jack (Osamu Tezuka's work, of Astro Boy fame). Likes men with a patch on their face.


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