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Rei Itoh
Interview Hosted by Hayasaka Hitomi
Translated by:Ex-S Woo

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Interviewer: Today we have Miss Itoh here as our guest. I"ve heard that the two of you have worked together in the past...would this be AV related work?

Hayasaka Hitomi: It"s true that we"ve worked together before, but it"s been mostly for live events.

Rei Itou: Right. We had one just yesterday, as a matter of fact. 6 of the AV girls including the two of us form a group called "PIN" and we sang our newest song in these cute little outfits. It"s was like a cross between lingerie and swimwear (laughs).

Hayasaka: Only three of us were able to make it yesterday though. It"s just too tough to get the schedules to meet for everyone to work together.

Interviewer: I see...it really feels like AV actresses are doing more varied types of work nowadays.

Itou: I agree.

Hayasaka: What type of work have you been doing recently, Rei?

Itou: I worked in Okinawa back in Feb. I had a lot of fun while it was there. It was all for this AV video series where it"s all outdoors sex. Okinawa makes a great place for that (laughs). It was really cold there in Feb. though. What have you been doing, Hitomi?

Hayasaka: I was part of the Million Girls event that toured the country. It was really tough. Just going from place to place is enough to tire you out. The event itself was a lot of fun though. It"s fun to sing in front of a crowd.

Itou: What kind of songs?

Hayasaka: Songs like "Haru Ichiban"

Interviewer: From The Candies? Isn"t that before you"re born (laughs).

Hayasaka: Yep (laughs). So have you gotten used to this line of work yet, Rei?

Itou: Hmmm, I"m not sure. I get embarrassed a lot more often nowadays than when I first started working, especially butt shots for magazine spreads. I used to not have any problems with it but now...just the thought of someone looking at my ass makes me blush.

Hayasaka: I think I know what you mean (laughs).

Itou: That and the fact that my pubic hair is brown. It"s a really light color. That makes me really embarrassed too.

Hayasaka: Eh? Why"s that? I think that"s better. I"m rather jealous, actually. I think it"s much better than having hair that"s completely black (laughs).

Itou: You think so...? Besides, I don"t quite have a vagina of steel. It"s a bit on the small side, and even my clit is smaller than normal. I wish it would stand more abuse (laughs).

Hayasaka: Ahahahaha. I feel that way too sometimes. There are times when it hurts to have sex for the AV films. A lot the AV actors have big dicks and they all like to pound away with it.

Itou: Exactly. Yet we"re not really allowed to say that it hurts.

Hayasaka: Nope. I don"t think they"d be happy if we did.

Itou: Yeah...oh, I"m also quite bad at deep throating.

Hayasaka: Same here. It"s uncomfortable and it makes me feel like throwing up.

Itou: Some people say that"s good though. The throwing up part, that is.

Interviewer: Really? They expect the AV girls to go that far? Wow.

Hayasaka: It"s really hard.

Itou: Yep. I mean, it"s all the way down your throat. Some people, like Kurumi Morishita, say that deep throating feels really good though.

Hayasaka: Yeah, I agree. Oh, I hear that you have sex pretty often in your private life. Is that true?

Itou: Hehehe, that was true at one point in my life (laughs). I lost my virginity around when everyone else did though. I was 15 at the time. My boyfriend was a year older than me and he taught me quite a few things about sex (laughs).

Hayasaka: Such as?

Itou: Like masturbating in front of him.

Hayasaka: Oooh---, wow (laughs).

Itou: It was fun though. We did that, having sex outside, in the bathroom, walking around with a vibrator inside me...

Hayasaka: Wow, Rei-chan, you go girl! (laughs).

Itou: I had a great time. Oh, that and the one where my boyfriend pretends he"s a baby.

Hayasaka: Ahahah, that too? (laughs). You really did a lot of things.

Itou: Maybe a bit too much. I remember stopping by the love hotel on the way back home from school. We also had sex outside lots of times.

Interviewer: So you two were a very sexed up couple in school.

Itou: Oooh, definitely. I"d always be like "What, outside again?" but I"d always been moaning soon afterwards (laughs).

Hayasaka: Ahahahah, that"s hilarious(laughs). But you had sex outside at places you wouldn"t get caught, right?

Itou: No, we got caught a couple of times. We just didn"t care (laughs).

Hayasaka: So how long did you go out with him?

Itou: About a year, I think. We had a lot of sex during that time.

Hayasaka: How many guys did you go out with until you started doing AVs?

Itou: I think about 20.

Hayasaka: How about just sex?

Itou: Well over 100 (laughs).

Hayasaka: Wow. How did you meet so many people anyway?

Itou: They were all introduced to me by friends or I"d just get hit on by them.

Hayasaka: So you did get hit on.

Itou: Yeah, it was all the spur of the moment (laughs). I was into pretty boys back then, and you know how fast they like to move. I knew what they were after from the start. The numbers just kept piling up before I realized it (laughs).

Hayasaka: You still into them?

Itou: Not anymore. I"m sick of them. They"re all just after sex and a lot of them have STDs.

Hayasaka: Then who are you interested in?

Itou: Someone older than me. That and someone who"s a bit overweight (laughs).

Hayasaka: Huh? You like overweight men?

Itou: Yep. I"m all about them (laughs). I don"t really care about how old they are. I did it with someone that was almost 60 once.

Hayasaka: That"d make him older than your own father. Where do you even meet people like that?

Itou: Like I said, I"d get hit on by them. Oh, and I don"t like guys that look too good. People like that just get too vain about their own looks (laughs).

Hayasaka: Now that I can understand (laughs).

Itou: I"ve been interested in guys younger than me recently, like high school student.

Hayasaka: Really?

Itou: Yep. I talked it over with the production guys and they told me that I"m not allowed to have sex with any of them. I then thought that maybe anal would be ok then (laughs). Anal penetration isn"t really sex.

Hayasaka: You sure about that? (laughs).

Itou: The production people told me that all I"d be doing would be to screwing up their minds.

Interviewer: I can see that. I mean, who"d stay normal after they get a
girlfriend who likes anal sex?

Itou: I"ve been a good girl recently though. I get the feeling that I"ve calmed down a lot ever since I started working here (laughs). I used to play around alot.

Hayasaka: I have that too. My life is lot more ordered now. I can even wake up early by myself now.

Itou: Even the foods we eat are healthier. That"s why I always get nervous by the fact that there"s always chocolate around the AV studio (laughs). I"d gain weight like crazy.

Hayasaka: Yep. All that candy is dangerous (laughs). I can"t afford to gain any more weight.

Interviewer: Neither one of you look overweight at all.

Hayasaka: But Rei is!

Itou: I noticed that my desires have changes a bit recently. It used to be sex, food, then sleep but now it"s sleep, food, then sex.

Hayasaka: Sleeping is important though. Your body can"t keep up if you don"t get enough sleep. I wonder what caused your change though.

Itou: I was wondering that myself. I mean, I was like a master when it came to sex (laughs). I also haven"t been spending as much money as I used to. I used to go shopping practically everyday. Now I feel
like even my daily life has changed. Well, except the amount of sex I get (laughs).

Hayasaka: Still, it must be the job that"s causing all these changes.

Itou: I think it has to with the amount of sex I"m getting than the quality of it.

Hayasaka: So do you have sex outside of work?

Itou: Oh, from time to time (laughs).It"s not like I don"t like sex anymore. I still do.

Hayasaka: Is there any types of sex that you like or dislike?

Itou: Yep. Of course, most of the sex I get nowadays is from work so I end up doing all types of stuff. It"s always tastes weird when someone sticks his dick in my mouth immediately after coming in my pussy but hey, it"s a job, right?

Hayasaka: Yeah, it"s a AV. I"ve gotten used to quite a lot of things due to AVs.

Itou: I was able to experience a lot of things for the first time due to AVs but seducing men is still something I"m not good at.

Hayasaka: Oh, same here. You have to use a lot of dirty words in those type of tapes and I"m just really bad at that (laughs).

Itou: Exactly. There"s not too many different words you can say so you end up repeating the same words over and over again.

Hayasaka: Right, right.

Interviewer: Wait. Can"t you just repeat words that guys say to you when you have sex?

Hayasaka: But it"s embarrassing.

Itou: Yeah, it"s really embarrassing.

Hayasaka: It might be something you can if it"s just the two of you, but there"s all these staff around you when you do it in an AV.

Itou: I really do like the fucking part though (laughs). That"s my favorite part.

Hayasaka: Same here. You don"t really need to get worked up at all when you do it. It"s really easy if it"s an actor that you like.

Itou: Yep. I wish we could do it without the condoms.

Hayasaka: Ahahahaha. So anyway, what is it that you like best this job?

Itou: I guess that"d have to be the fact that we"re all working together to make this product happen. I work hard, the people around me work hard, and we get a good video as a result.

Hayasaka: Yep, yep. That and the free sex.

Itou: Ahahahah.You know, I do like sex a lot but I think I like just making out with guys even more. You know, being all cuddly and stuff.

Hayasaka: Oh, I know what you mean. I love to use my boyfriend"s arm for a pillow. I mean, there"s no need to always have sex, right?

Itou: That"s what I told my boyfriend once. Even if you do sleep with other girls, you better not do stuff like that with them.

Hayasaka: I see...so Rei, you"ve never cheated on your boyfriend?

Itou: No, I have (laughs). But it was purely sexual. Nothing else.

Interviewer: Said like a true master indeed (laughs).

Itou: But it really does feel good. I did it with this one guy who pierced the head of his penis and put studs on it and that felt just amazing. I did it anally with him and that felt great too.

Hayasaka: Wow...wait, didn"t you said you get embarrassed when people stare at your ass? You"re okay with anal sex though?

Itou: Yeah. I get embarrassed if they stare at it but I"m totally okay with anal sex (laughs).

Hayasaka: Ahahahah. So what are your aims now?

Itou: I want everyone to know my name when they talk about AVs. I also want more people to jack off to me.

Hayasaka: Sounds good. Well, good luck on your future work!

Itou: Thanks (laughs).

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