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Sakura Sena
Translated by Ex-s Woo

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Interviewer: So you have a boyfriend and he"s...

Sakura Sena: Canadian.

Interviewer: I heard you hit on him?

Sena: Yeah. He was one of my customers when I was still stripping and I saw him come in. That"s when I told me that "You are my type!", and he just nodded back.

Interviewer: You met him when you were still dancing?

Sena: Yep. I thought he was a gift from the gods, heheheh.

Interviewer: What face did he make then?

Sena: Well, he had a very honest face on. He"s Canadian with a German descent, and you know how German people are.

Interviewer: So I guess you lucked out.

Sena: Hehehe, as you can see.

Interviewer: So you hooked up that night?

Sena: No, it was 2-3 days afterwards. I went to his apartment and I immediately took off my panties, hehehe.

Interviewer: What about the top? Don"t you want to take the top off too?

Sena: Well, I just did it all suddenly. I wanted him to stick it in me so bad.

Interviewer: So you stuck your ass out to your boyfriend?

Sena: Yeah. I rubbed it against his dick and told him to stick it in already, heheheh. He told me that was he was surprised. He told me that most Japanese girls he did it with get hurt, but I took it in like it was nothing.

Interviewer: I"m still trying to figure out what convinced him to go out with a woman who would take off her panties and suddenly rub her ass against his crotch.

Sena: Ahhahaha. Probably I sucked him off for hours. We did it so much that he told me that he couldn"t live without me.

Interviewer: So you like to give blowjobs.

Sena: Man, we fucked like bunnies then. We must"ve done it everyday when we first got together. That"s basically how we managed to go steady.

Interviewer: A German Canadian.

Sena: He"s always ready to stick it in.

Interviewer: He doesn"t believe in foreplay?

Sena: No, he"s more direct than that, ahahahha.

Interviewer: That"s like a high school kid.

Sena: Hehehe, you think so?

Interviewer: But I guess you"re still happy with that.

Sena: Well, I use a vibrator on my self. I do both everyday.

Interviewer: Oh, so you don"t need any foreplay since you use a vibrator later?

Sena: Yeah. Well, uh, I also fondle my breasts and uh, stuff like that.

Interviewer: So of the 267 foreigners you said you slept with, how exactly does the racial breakdown go?

Sena: I"m not sure. I don"t think there were that many. I guess...well, there were a lot of black guys.

Interviewer: Blacks. So what about the others then?

Sena: Let"s see...Chinese, Iranian, Iraqi, Italian, African, and American.

Interviewer: How were the Iranians and the Iraqis? They look pretty strong but how are they really?

Sena: The Iranian guy liked me too well, take a bath together and splash water on me and stuff like that. He asked me to marry him the second time I met him.

Interviewer: Oh man...

Sena: Anyway, well...oh, Iranians and Israelis are definitely big on foreplay.

Interviewer: Oh, really?

Sena: Yeah, they act like they"re holding a treasure or something. Americans like to act out the porno stuff, and they get pretty hardcore. You know, pulling the hair, slapping the butt, and man does it hurt when they do it up the ass.

Interviewer: Ahahahaha. How about the Africans?

Sena: They have one hell of a thrust. They must have a lot of muscles around the hip.

Interviewer: So what type fits the type of sex you like to have?

Sena: Ahh, that"s a pretty hard question.

Interviewer: All right, then how do the Americans fare with the slapping the butt and sticking it up the ass?

Sena: It"s nice every once it a while. You know how horny we women get right before our period? That"s when they"re nice to have around, hehehhe.

Interviewer: ...and what happens when someone slaps your butt right before your period?

Sena: Probably mix that liquid inside, hehehhe. Oh and having sex with a black guy is bad for your bones.

Interviewer: Your bones?

Sena: Yeah. Like when we"d be doing missionary they"d thrust so hard that it hits against my bones. It"s making my bones brittle. And all the black guys I"ve met had big dicks, so it hurts my uterus. Still, I guess they"re also nice when a period is coming around.

Interviewer: Doesn"t look like there"s much for Japanese guys to do.

Sena: Well, you do have to understand that I have a big thing for foreign guys. They"re all that comes into my sights.

Interviewer: How did you come to have thing for foreigners?

Sena: Well, it"s probably because the first porn I saw was a hardcore American one.

Interviewer: And you were then sucked in.

Sena: Yeah, I think it definitely had an impact on me. I remember thinking how good it felt the first time I did it with a foreigner. I was still in the teens then.

Interviewer: How old were you?

Sena: I think maybe 18?

Interviewer: You wrote down that you lost your virginity at 14, so you only did Japanese men for 4 years?

Sena: Yeah, with my friends" fathers and people like that, hehehehe. The older guys taught me alot, especially when it came to sex toys.

Interviewer: How old were you?

Sena: Uhh, 14.

Interviewer: Holy crap, you were still in Jr. High.

Sena: Yeah. Then the Yakuza picked me up about a year or two after that and that"s when I got a lot of practice giving blowjobs. They"d be like, "Blow me." Ahahaha.

Interviewer: The Yakuza?

Sena: They picked me up and took me of a love hotel. I didn"t know until I went inside the room and saw all these guys there. I was so shocked! They then told me how stupid I was and forced me to suck them for two whole hours. That"s how I got good at giving head, ahahahhaa.

Interviewer: Then the blowjobs your boyfriend loves so much has roots from the Yakuza.

Sena: Yep. They taught me well.

Interviewer: Meanwhile it"s your friend"s fathers who gave enough experience to your pussy to accept your boyfriend"s big dick.

Sena: I guess that"s why I"m here now, hehehehe.

Interviewer: You only met the Yakuza once?

Sena: Yeah. They took me to a Karaoke afterwards and told me to sing songs.

Interviewer: Ahahahaa. So how did you hook up with your friend"s fathers?

Sena: Well, my dad told me to go out with them. And uh, well, he"s my dad so I did.

Interviewer: Your dad is messed up.

Sena: Ahahha, yeah, definitely a crime.

Interviewer: I guess you can"t turn it down.

Sena: Yeah. I was curious anyway, so it"s not like I was scared.

Interviewer: It says that the oldest guy you screwed was 60, so there were some people aside from the dads?

Sena: Yeah. He might"ve been closer to 70, actually. I used to work at a sushi shop back in high school and he was a customer there. He took me to the bathroom and we did it.

Interviewer: So the old man made a move on you?

Sena: He kissed me. He then sucked on my neck. I was so taken back.

Interviewer: You should"ve resisted.

Sena: I couldn"t. Oh, and he didn"t get hard so I had to tie his condom around his dick, ahahaha.

Interviewer: So you went with foreigners after that. Was that due to any complaints you have with Japanese men?

Sena: No, not really. Masturbation makes all of them go away, hehehehe.

Interviewer: How old were you when you masturbated for the first time?

Sena: Let me see...around 13.

Interviewer: So I guess you used your fingers when sex wasn"t enough.

Sena: Yeah, usually with a vibrator. There was one of those shoulder massagers back at home. My parents would ask me where they went and I"d tell them that I didn"t know.

Interviewer: You mean your dad? Ahahaha. Men are usually the ones that buy those things.

Sena: No, another one. I don"t like the smell it had, you know, of the sweat and stuff like that. What do you call that again? Aroma, right. Foreigners seem to like those types of things though. Gets them hard real quick.

Interviewer: Maybe it feels that much better.

Sena: It does has a calming effect, I suppose.

Interviewer: So exactly how did you meet all those foreign men?

Sena: Well, they usually try to pick me up. That"s how it goes most of the time.

Interviewer: How were the Israelis?

Sena: They really were something. They"d get on top of my face and stick it all the way in. I thought I was going to die, ahahahah. I couldn"t breathe with their dicks all the way down my throat that I was practically crying.

Interviewer: So if your waist is 101cm, what"s your cup size?

Sena: K

Interviewer: Maybe that"s what attracts the foreigners. The porno actresses over there have huge tits.

Sena: Well, if you"re just gonna fuck, any hole is fine, right? I mean, even my boyfriend told me that if it was for the fucking, he"d do a fat bitch from the back.

Interviewer: You were on some foreign magazines too, right?

Sena: Oh, those mags usually have a ranking of actresses and it was the first time a Japanese girl was on it, hehehe.

Interviewer: It was an uncensored photo shoot right? How was they?

Sena: They were great. They showed everything and I was wondering if I could show this much the entire time we were shooting.

Interviewer: They showed that much?

Sena: Well, I would have thought tight body suits and a hole be would be right down here.

Interviewer: Oh, right by the crotch.

Sena: Yeah, and they they"d have me crouch down and my pussy would be popping out.

Interviewer: I guess having a deep pussy helps.

Sena: Probably because I used the vacuum hole to masturbate a long time ago. Ahahaha, it makes me laugh thinking about it now.

Interviewer: You used a vacuum cleaner to suck on it?

Sena: Well, that"s what they did in one of the videos that my dad hid from me.

Interviewer: On the pussy?

Sena: Yeah. I tried it and it felt pretty damn good. I must"ve done it quite a bit now that I think about it. No wonder I turned out like this, hehehe.

Interviewer: AHahahhaha.

Sena: I eventually did it so hard that my skin ripped and blood was going everywhere. That"s when my grandfather came in. He passed away now, but he came in back then he saw me against the wall, my legs spread apart wide and a vacuum cleaner hose in my pussy. He just told me that I had a phone call and left. AHahahahaha. He looked to embarrassed to say anything.

Interviewer: How old were you then?

Sena: 14.

Interviewer: I never heard of using a vacuum cleaner for masturbating before. Did that ever cause you problems?

Sena: Well, the saddle on a bike hurts my crotch like crazy when I ride.

Interviewer: Oh, really?

Sena: Yeah, it hurts like hell. I sometimes even bleed. I"m not kidding about this at all.

Interviewer: But I bet it"s nice when a dick goes inside.

Sena: Yeah, my insides yeah eat it up.

Interviewer: How about when you take a pee?

Sena: I sometimes miss, ahahahha.

Interviewer: It goes off to the wrong direction?

Sena: It gets on my hips sometimes. You know, I"d sit on a toilet and it would just shoot up.

Interviewer: So it goes up instead of down.

Sena: Yeah, exactly.

Interviewer: Then how about during your periods?

Sena: That"s when it gets especially bad.

Interviewer: You"d think that it"s not so bad when you check your pad and blood would come gushing out when you spread your lips?

Sena: Ah, that"s happened to me. The blood would build up and come out in chunks. It"s really disgusting.

Interviewer: Ahahaha

Sena: My pussy lips are quite special. Ahaha, it"s sorta like my secret compartment. It is a bit too big for its own good though. I was thinking about having it cut down a bit with some surgery but then again, I guess it is part of my charm.

Interviewer: I bet the men like to play around with the longer ones.

Sena: Well, that"s what happened to me in a video I did, ahahha.

Interviewer: It says you like anal sex here. When did you try it for the first time?

Sena: I think I was 19 at the time. I was going out with a Japanese guy at the time and I remember being surprised by how easily it went in. That"s when I thought that anal sex wasn"t that bad. Then a foreigner sticked his in and I was shocked by how far it went in.

Interviewer: Your ass just spread all the way apart?

Sena: Exactly. I couldn"t sit, I couldn"t even go to the toilet. I had to go to the pharmacy to get some constipation medicine, ahahaha.

Interviewer: I guess your butt muscles didn"t resist much.

Sena: Yeah. My boyfriend wanted to try it and I figured, hell, why not?

Interviewer: It"s one of those things that doesn"t let go of one"s mind unless they try it out.

Sena: Yeah, especially when it involves sex. It"s hard to learn about something unless you try it. I think it"s important to try new things whether the result is good or not.

Interviewer: Do you get off from the ass?

Sena: Well, from a finger being stuck up there, yeah. I"ve been thinking about buying one of those anal vibrators, actually. Actually, I want to be on the giving side. You know, buy one of those strap ons and do it to a guy.

Interviewer: Why is that?

Sena: Well, I did it once before when I worked at a brothel. A guy came in with a strap on and he got on all fours and asked me to stick it in him. He looked like he was totally getting off on it.

Interviewer: Do you have any lesbian tendencies aside from what do you for work?

Sena: I like the cute, little sister types. Ahahaha.

Interviewer: You like to play with cute looking girls.

Sena: Yeah. There"s a restaurant I go to where the waitress is really cute. I end up staring at her while I"m eating.

Interviewer: You should try to pick her up.

Sena: It"s close from where I live. Maybe if it was someplace else. I might want to fuck her up the ass or something, ahahaha.

Interviewer: What would you do to her?

Sena: I would stick it in her, lick her. Like how one of those old men would do it. Like what happened to me when I was 14.

Interviewer: With a vibrator and everything?

Sena: Yep. I really want to do it. I"m a bad girl.

Interviewer: Well, I can totally relate to having the hots for teenagers.

Sena: Yeah. I would do all the girls on Morning Musume.

Interviewer: What about your upcoming work?

Sena: Well, what I really want to do is to make it big overseas as a Japanese big breast model. More in the way of nude modeling than AVs.

Interviewer: Sorta like being the queen of the photo shoot scene?

Sena: Yeah. Oh, and I want to work at a brothel again.

Interviewer: You talked about that before. Where did you work anyway?

Sena: Oh, it"s a place called Fashion Health. I want to go back but I can"t because the office insists on me on not doing it.

Interviewer: Why do you want to go there anyway?

Sena: Heheh, I don"t want to say this but I want more dick. It"s sorta like having a collection, you know? I"d have them leave it by my place when they leave if I could.

Interviewer: I guess getting paid to have dick isn"t a bad job.

Sena: Yeah, it"s perfect! Hehehehe, right?

Interviewer: Then you should do both! How about it, boss?

Sena: Boss! Let me go! I want to do what I want. I want to live the life I want to live!

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