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Interview with Yukari Sakurada

Translated by:Ex-s Woo

Interviewer: The first film of yours that I saw was a housewife story by WildSide. I remember being surprised by how smart and beautiful you looked there.
Yukari Sakurada: Are you being serious here? (laughs)

Interviewer: Of course I am. Why do you think I asked for you come here in the first place? I can't even begin to count how many times I shot my load watching you fuck.
Yukari Sakurada: Really!? Thanks! When I'm doing my work I always do it with the satisfaction of my fans in mind. That's why I don't like to fake anything I do (laughs).

Interviewer: A true AV actress indeed. Well, let's get started with the interview. When was your debut?
Yukari Sakurada: That would be June 2 years back. I was walking around in Shinjuku when a scout came up to me with an offer. I'm good, aren't I?

Interviewer: I will admit that, but you have to admit that's how most people get their start.
Yukari Sakurada: Really? Anyway, I was walking with my friend at the time and...oh, I was 29 back then.

Interviewer: Why did you Okay it?
Yukari Sakurada: Well let's see...there's the fact that I didn't have that bad of an opinion about AVs in general, but I was so flattered about getting scouted that I just sort of went with the flow.
I mean, you know how most scouts don't start off with telling the girls that he's with an AV company, right? But I really hate people that don't get straight to the point, so when he started asking about how I felt about sex and stuff like that, I just went and said, "Oh, you do AVs." (laughs). I knew that most girls wouldn't go on AVs so I somehow felt compelled to do one just to prove that I'm different. (laughs). Besides, I figured that AVs was something that I could quit at anytime.

Interviewer: You know, you still haven't told me what your friend next to you was doing at this time.
Yukari Sakurada: I know, I know. That's when I found out that my friend did AVs in the past.

Interviewer: You didn't know until then?
Yukari Sakurada: Nope. I started talking with the scout after I told him that I'd do it and she just suddenly said, "I did AVs before, it's not that hard so you might as well give it a shot."

Interviewer: I see. Most friends would object to someone they know being AVs but she accepted it because she had experience with them in the past. You know, that scout's a pretty lucky guy.
Yukari Sakurada: I guess you can think of it that way (laughs).

Interviewer: Oh, and as an AV fan I'm required by law to ask what your friend's stage name was.
Yukari Sakurada: Hmm, I don't really know. But she's cute and all so I'm sure she must've been pretty popular at the time.

Interviewer: But there's no way to find out without the name! (laughs). So, how did other people react after they found out?
Yukari Sakurada: Well, pretty much everyone else was against it. A number of my male friends begged me to reconsider. But I considered doing AVs as just another type of job so I told them to not call me anymore if they can't understand that. (laughs).

Interviewer: I see (laughs). So, how did your first filming go? Were you nervous?
Yukari Sakurada: There was definitely a bit of that, but I much more excited about just being there. I mean, you know how the entire staff is all guys and they're all right on stage with you. Just thinking about all those men watching my pussy getting pounded by a guy's cock was wetting my Narcissistic ego (laughs). I was in my "I'll give it my best shot!" mood (laughs).

Interviewer: So you weren't that embarrassed?
Yukari Sakurada: I was, but I kept telling myself that "it's embarrassing to think that you're embarrassed" and somehow managed to overcome it. There's all these people working hard to make a good film so I couldn't have myself to be the only one not doing their best, right? The director and the actors also helped me calm down during the shoot as well.

Interviewer: But all the footage of you having sex with men is going to be made into a tape and be watched by men all over the country. What did you think about that?
Yukari Sakurada: I figured that if a tape of mine was going to be released, I might as well work hard so that more people would watch it. That's when I started thinking that I'll keep doing this job as long as I can and not just quit. I guess it's something that comes to you once you start working.
Also, the person who scouted me got nervous because I agreed to work so easily. He actually came up to me and told me that I had to take the work seriously! I was like "Of course I will! A woman's word is as strong as a man's!" (laughs). I was also told that most actresses quit after 3 months. Well...I guess most of them get burned out, but I wanted to prove that I can last longer than that.

Interviewer: So how did your first shoot turn out?
Yukari Sakurada: It definitely was a bit weird. The staff also slept in during the shoot so we got to bond after the shoot so I was bit sad when it ended. That's something I feel every time the shooting ends, especially if I felt that the shoot was really good. I want to have a party when the film's over.

Interviewer: Really? I used to direct AVs and I don't remember any of the actresses asking for that after the shooting was over.
Yukari Sakurada: I'm the type who'll suggest things like that. I usually say "Let's go drinking afterwards" when we're about to shoot our last shot.

Interviewer: I bet the staff is thinking "She's just doing that kiss up" though.
Yukari Sakurada: Oh, I'm not like that at all. I'm serious.

Interviewer: Really? They're lucky then. So, how many films have you done so far?
Yukari Sakurada: Ohhhh, a bit over 200.

Interviewer: Are you glad that you've started doing AVs?
Yukari Sakurada: Well, those two times I got to be in a soft core flick were nice. A change of air is really nice. Oh, and the CD debut I'm going to be doing is something I'm really excited about.

Interviewer: Huh? What CD debut?
Yukari Sakurada: Right. I did the recording a little while ago, actually. I thought that they were just kidding at first, but it turned out to be true. I'll be singing a duet with Kawana Mariko and the type of songs we'll be singing will be...mood music (laughs)(Note:The publisher listed the CD as being "Enka"(traditional Japanese music)

Interviewer: (laughs). That makes sense.
Yukari Sakurada: Doesn't it? (laughs). I might just buy a copy as a souvenir when it does come out (laughs).

Interviewer: Hmm, I can see a young girl doing CD debuts but it is pretty surprising for a woman of your age. Well, I guess that just goes to show how popular you've become. On to the next question. Was there anything about this world that you disliked?
Yukari Sakurada: Well, it's not really a problem of this work per se, but because I like to be given a full explanation before doing anything, I have problems with directors who tell me to just follow orders without giving reasons why. It's like those that I feel like I'm just a hump of flesh for them. That probably means that there's a number of directors who doesn't like me.

Interviewer: Yeah, speaking it out is usually the best. Of course, each director has his or her own style.
Yukari Sakurada: That's true. Still, I want to do work in a form that I'm comfortable with. Like doing semen films. I don't do scenes where I have to put semen on food and eat it, or drink lots of it in one gulp. It's not something that I can't do, but something that I just don't want to do. I would much rather lick one each shot of come one by one. It might not be something that all directors like, but I have my own way of doing things.

Interviewer: On to the next question. When did you lose your virginity?
Yukari Sakurada: In my boyfriend's house right around when I graduated high school.

Interviewer: How did it occur?
Yukari Sakurada: He and I worked at the same store together at the time and I somehow ended up in his house after we all went drinking.

Interviewer: What type of job were you doing at the time?
Yukari Sakurada: At a swimming school. My nipple line would show under the instructor's swimming suit (laugh).

Interviewer: Oooh, sounds sexy.
Yukari Sakurada: Anyway, we both got drunk and we both went into his apartment.

Interviewer: Did you think you'd have sex when you entered?
Yukari Sakurada: Of course. We both knew what was going to happen the moment we entered the room. (laughs). It was late and we said "Good Night" to each other like we were going to go to sleep but we both were breathing so quickly (laughs). We turned out all the lights and everything and we were lying down on the futon and the only sound we could hear were the sound of our breathing...our hearts were racing so quickly.
My boyfriend then grasped my hand, and I touched his body...and well, that's pretty much the OK sign right there.

Interviewer: And how did it begin?
Yukari Sakurada: Neither of us had any experience at the time, so we started with petting at first. We kissed, then he touched my breasts...oh, I was passive back then.

Interviewer: Back then? Meaning you're different now? (laughs)
Yukari Sakurada: Yep yep, I wouldn't even dream of acting like that now (laughs). The way my boyfriend touched me didn't feel all that great, but I could tell that he really cared for me.

Interviewer: I guess you couldn't see his face in the dark, huh?
Yukari Sakurada: Yeah...I also had the futon over my body. Anyway, his hands were slowly slithering down my body and touched my then fresh (laughs) pussy. I don't think he really knew how to touch it to make me feel good, but I got wet anyway from thinking that I was going to lose my virginity very soon (laughs).
After he touched my pussy, he got straight to the point and tried to insert his cock inside me. Neither of us was in a position to enjoy foreplay.
Still, it was the first time for him as well, so he didn't know which hole to stick it in. He was also so nervous that he cock wasn't even completely hard (laughs). The tip of his cock was still wet with pre-come though.

Interviewer: How were you able to tell?
Yukari Sakurada: His limp cock was rubbing against my thighs and some of it rubbed off. Anyway, he couldn't put on a condom since it was still limp but he couldn't ask me to get it hard for him so he started jerking off. I was beside him the entire time, just waiting for his cock to get hard (laughs). I wouldn't give him that much time if it was now though (laughs).

Interviewer: So did he get hard in the end?
Yukari Sakurada: Just barely (laugh). He somehow managed to stick it inside my pussy.

Interviewer: How did it feel?
Yukari Sakurada: We went real slow since it was our first time. It still wasn't completely hard so he had to sorta force it in. Not that that means that it didn't hurt. Anyway, the mission was a success (laughs). We did it missionary style and although the room was dark, my eyes slowly got used to the dark and I was later able to see my boyfriend trying his best to pump inside me.
He kept pumping as if he was determined to blow his load inside me though. When he did blow, he came so much that the come was squeezing out of the condom. You know, I think that's why I prefer having sex with a condom than without it.
You know the condom gets bigger with the come inside it, right? I like that feeling (laughs). Especially when my partner and I come at the same time. I like seeing the moment a guy comes so I rather have them come in my mouth than on my breasts or thighs though.

Interviewer: So how did you feel afterwards?
Yukari Sakurada: I was happy but it hurt so much that I was crying. But for some reason I didn't bleed at all. One of the girls at the swimming school told me later that my boyfriend was beginning to think that I had sex before I did it with him because of that.
I really got angry when I heard that. I mean, he had something to say he should've said it straight at me. Well, we did go out for a long time afterwards though.

Interviewer: You were planning on continuing to have sex?
Yukari Sakurada: Yeah. I was more happy that I was able to make my boyfriend feel good than anything else. I started feeling good during sex around the 4th time I did it. That's when I started liking sex. We got together a lot afterwards just to fuck like rabbits.
We did it sometimes as much as 10 times a week. We'd do it a couple times when I went over to his house to sleep over, and then we'd fuck a bit more after we got up. I mean, you start picking up on how to please your partner after you fuck them for a while. So he'd actually know what to do when I tell him to "Ahhhhnnn, pound me with your cock a little higher!" We both knew how to please each other and we had sex all over his apartment.

Interviewer: So you practiced your blowjobs back then too?
Yukari Sakurada: No, I never sucked his cock. I didn't do that until my next next boyfriend.

Interviewer: Oh, really?
Yukari Sakurada: My first and 2nd boyfriends were the type of men who wouldn't say what they wanted out loud. I was also too embarrassed to suggest the idea myself. I lived together to my 3rd boyfriend and he suddenly just said one nigh "Lick my cock." I first was like "The hell is he talking about?" but...

Interviewer: So you were hesitant.
Yukari Sakurada: Yeah. I mean, I didn't even know what a blowjob was at the time.

Interviewer: Oh? The great Yukari Sakurada didn't know how to give a blow job?
Yukari Sakurada: I know! Anyway, he managed to teach me how and the boyfriend I had after him taught me how to move my hands ,how to suck his cock, and to fondle the balls properly, and how to lick his pole.
I also did some studying by myself. I was an OL back then and I asked other girls I worked me how to give blowjobs. There was one girl who was younger than me but had a lot more experience than I did so she was my sex teacher of sorts. She told me stuff like "lick the tip of his cock with your tongue, and try licking his sack in a spiral motion". That's pretty much how I got better at giving blowjobs.

Interviewer: ...and I'm guessing all that studying paid off.
Yukari Sakurada: I wasn't used to do it so I doubt it felt that good, but I think they liked the fact that I was willing to do it.

Interviewer: What sexual experience did you enjoy the most?
Yukari Sakurada: Let's see. I guess that would have to be when my boyfriend and I are lying on the bed on the sides with his cock inside my pussy and me reading out erotic stories out loud. He would thrust harder and harder as the story heats up. It feels so fucking good.
I mean, we're both ready to come but we figure there's another hot scene in the story so we take a little rest and the cycle continues until we're both so horny that we both come. It's an amazing experience.

Interviewer: Hmmm. I guess it's something you would recommend to the readers as well.
Yukari Sakurada: Yes yes. Please. Go out and try it for yourself. (laughs)

Interviewer: So what happened to your boyfriend?
Yukari Sakurada: We broke up when I decided to debut. We've been going out for 3 years but I wanted to give this job all I got and I didn't think I would be able to do that if I was in a relationship. I quit my other jobs as well. I was really poor when I started my road down as an AV actress (laughs).

Interviewer: Really? You were that serious about this job?
Yukari Sakurada: I'm not that skillful so I can't do something like this otherwise. That's why I now have to rely on my pussy for everything (laughs).

Interviewer: Finally, tell me to about what you want to do from now on.
Yukari Sakurada: Oh, there was something I wanted to tell the readers before that.

Interviewer: Oh? What?
Yukari Sakurada: Well the thing is that I always thought that the job of an actress was to sell an image so I always wrote wrong things on my profiles. but I decided to start being my true self starting 2003. So I'm not going to hide anything from my fans anymore. It's something that I've already gotten the okay from the office and so that's how it'll be from now on.

Interviewer: So you're going to public with that news?
Yukari Sakurada: The office asked me the exact same thing and I only regret I didn't do it sooner.

Interviewer: Huh? But I'm sure there were some dissenting voices.
Yukari Sakurada: Yeah...they were doing this all this time just so I wouldn't have to worry about it but it's not something I ever minded in the first place.

Interviewer: I see. So I guess we can count on you being more open about a lot of things from now on.
Yukari Sakurada: Yep, yep.

Interviewer: So what have you been lying to us about?
Yukari Sakurada: My age and my body sizes is correct but my birthday and my hometown isn't.

Interviewer: Oh, is that? I thought there would be more. You know, something that you had to keep a secret. But if it's something that minor, isn't it okay if you just kept it a secret?
Yukari Sakurada: No, I've always felt bad about lying to the very people who support me. I don't want to be lying to my fans. Then again, don't you think that they would be angry at me for lying to them all this time?

Interviewer: I doubt they will. Maybe if you said "I'm actually 10 years older!" they would, but over just your birthday? I think they'll just appreciate the fact that you've come clean about it.
Yukari Sakurada: Really? That makes me feel a lot better. I was really nervous about going out about this to the point that it's been on my mind for the past few weeks. It's something that means a great deal to me.

Interviewer: Oh, I don't think it's that big of a deal. Don't worry about it.
Yukari Sakurada: Okay, yay! Thank you so much! (laugh).

Interviewer: It's like I've fallen in love with you all over again.
Yukari Sakurada: Oh, and everyone gets the image of a seductress when they hear my name, and I don't really mind that, but I hope that they'll find out more about the true me. That and the word semen, but I want them to know that I'll be taking a break from the semen stuff for a while. There will still be a couple of videos with a semen theme, but I'll be a taking break from that genre over all this year.

Interviewer: Well then, let me be the first in line to shoot their load on your body when you do decide to do it again.
Yukari Sakurada: I'll just drink yours instead (laughs).

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