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Best Video: Group Interview

Translated by Ex-S Woo

This interview was conducted by Best Video during the 2002 New Year's celebrations. The actresses interviewed were Hina Uemura, Nao Oikawa, Eri Yukawa, Manami Yoshii, and Harumi Hirose.

Hina: You know, it's really fun to complain about the AV actors. There are really some good ones and bad ones out there. Like actors that take forever to come.

Eri: Ahahaha. But there's a lot of them that are pretty old. Maybe it's because of the age.

Interviewer:But some actors have large dicks and some use them a bit differently so maybe it's more of a problem of it being hard to give them blowjobs or just not liking him.

Hina: Yeah, there are some men out there with really big dicks (laughs). But I really hate it when the man takes forever to come or when they lose their erection. Haven't you ever faced that?

Harumi: Ah, I remember one that was like that. He was pretty young and had a cute face but he just wouldn't come. We ended up just faking it. Man, that was pretty bad.

Hina: Then there's those who hold it in because it feels good. They tell you that it feels good and refuses to come when they're supposed to.

Manami: Ahahaha, that's pretty good though.

Eri: There's a lot of different types of actors out there.

Nao: Yeah, there's some that's good at sex and others that aren't good.

Hina: I remember some that were really good with their fingers.

Interviewer:That's true. There's some who insist on licking up the juices.

Manami: You're right about that (laughs).

Eri: Still, I'm really jealous of all of you. I guess I haven't had that much experience yet. There's times when I think this work is too much for me.

Manami: You've been working that much?

Eri: Not really, but I'm just not used to having sex. I remember when I had to masturbate for the first AV I did and I just couldn't and ended up crying. I never masturbated that often to begin with and I didn't know how to use the sex toys. I'm okay with them now though. Actually, I want to buy a few for myself (laughs).

Hina: Those toys feel really good once you get used to it. I went to an adult toy shop with my manager recently and bought one. It's my favorite toy (laughs). There are times when the work is hard though. I mean, we do more than just strip. I remember crying on the fifth tape I did because it got so hard. I was seriously considering quitting from doing AVs. But I didn't want to cry in front of everyone one so I told them I had to go to the bathroom and cried there. I didn't want my mascara to come off so I wiped my tears with the toilet paper.

Eri: Ooh, wow. Have you done any hard work, Manami?

Manami: Hmmm, I guess it was when I had to play a character that didn't fit me. It felt really awkward to say those lines. I'm really bad at playing the seductress role. I'm definitely more of a masochist than a sadist.

Hina: Me too. I think most girls are, actually.

Eri: But I did a sadistic role a little while ago. It was a lot of fun (laughs). I seriously got into it.

Manami: Being a sadist is fun too (laughs).

Eri: It's so much fun! Especially when you talk down at the men---!

Nao: Some work is really hard though. The last one I did was especially hard because there were a lot of scenes outdoors. So on tape I got abused on camera both physically and mentally, with the men at the sides enjoying that. Getting hurt mentally is really hard. Much worse than any physical pain. Especially when you see the director getting off on it.

Hina: Ouch.

Nao: I got into a huge fight with the director. So the director went home and the assistant did the rest of the filming but I still didn't want to do it anymore.

Eri: Wow, so things like that happen too.

Nao: Yeah, I mean, I might be a bit of masochist but there's a limit.

Harumi: I guess so. I think of myself as a masochist but I've never really been with a real masochist so I'm not really sure (laughs).

Manami: Wait, so you choose your partners according to that?

Harumi: No, of course not (laughs). Most of them are a bit of a sadist though, I can't imagine a masochistic boyfriend... (laughs). It's more important to pick one that suits your personality though.

Hina: I definitely want a sadistic person for a boyfriend. I want a really hardcore one.

Manami: Ahahaha, wow Hina!

Hina: I'm a pervert (laughs).

Interviewer:I wonder exactly how much of a pervert she is.

Hina: I'm okay with anything. I don't mind what they do to me.

Harumi: There are some really weird people out there you know.

Hina: That's fine with me. I'm okay with anything. It'd be nice if that sadistic person's really nice to me at other times though (laughs). Is there someone you know who's like that?

Eri: Ahahaha, I don't think so.

Hina: I'd also like to act out fantasies. Like a student-teacher scenario or a newlywed and a newspaper delivery boy.

Interviewer:Oooh, that sounds nice. He'll enter the house by saying "Ma'am, could I have a glass of water?".

Hina: Yep, yep (laughs). Then I, who'll be playing the wife, will go "But I want to drink you instead." and then go down on him (laughs).

Manami: Ahahaha, just like that? (laughs).

Eri: Talk about a horny wife. You must really like sex, Hina.

Hina: Of course I do. Isn't hardcore sex the best?

Nao: I did a lot of that before I started doing AVs.

Eri: Oh, really?

Nao: Yeah. I pretty much experienced all the things in my private life before I did them in AVs. Back in high school, that is.

Hina: Oooh, wow.

Manami: That's right. The person Nao was going out with before was a real pervert who was into SM and you guys had anal sex in the park, didn't you?

Interviewer:Oh that's right. I heard that you guys did some SM outdoors while you were still in your uniform and had anal sex in the park.

Eri: Kyaaa, wow that's hardcore.

Nao: It's all true though. I was a junior at high school and he was senior, so neither of us had the money to go to a love hotel. So we ended up doing it in the woods, but I think it's also because he liked to do weird things at weird places.

Harumi: Didn't you hate it?

Nao: I did. But a part of me liked to do my best for him. He always did weird things to me in the park and stuff but I'd always take two hours off to see him. He would do SM stuff on me out there regardless if it was summer, winter, even if it was raining. It was horrible. I don't think he can even have normal sex anymore.

Hina: But I wish I had someone like that. I love men like that (laughs). Still, you all seem to be doing really hardcore stuff. How about you, Manami?

Manami: Hmm, not really. There were times when I got really into sex though. I remember having nothing but sex whenever I met my boyfriend in high school. We did it a number of times every day.

Eri: Oooh, what a hot couple.

Manami: There was a time when I was desperate to have sex. I think the one thing I have going for me was the number of times I had sex. I mean, it's all we ever did together. We both thought of nothing but sex. We had sex no matter where we went.

Eri: I guess that's what happiness is all about.

Manami: I guess so (laughs). How about you, Eri?

Eri: No, I don't have any stories like that. I'm sure it'll happen soon though (laughs).

Interviewer:I hope so. Some girls get it on really early, like Hina.

Hina: I do have a bit of a story to tell of when I was in first grade though. I found a tape at home with "Doraemon" on the cover so I turned it on thinking "Yay! Doraemon!" and saw my parents having sex.

Harumi: Wow, that must've been a surprise.

Eri: Weren't you shocked?

Hina: I was. I couldn't believe how sick the adults acted. I think that's when I started to learn about sex. I learned about phone sex when I was grade school.

Eri: Kyaa-- that's way too early --(laughs).

Interviewer:How about you, Harumi?

Harumi: Hmm, I don't think I have a story, but everyone I went out with wanted to control me. So one of them, back when I was 16, demanded that I call him before I do anything. Like if I just came home, if I was going to my friend's house, he'd want me to call all the time. We went on a school trip for 4 days and that was the only time I didn't have to call him. He got really angry that I didn't call him at all when I got back and he tied me up and bit me all over my body. I was covered with bite marks for weeks.

Eri: That sounds a bit dangerous. Is he a scary guy?

Harumi: He gets angry all the time now. But incident still takes the cake. I had marks all over my body.

Hina: Awww, I want to be bitten (laughs).

Manami: Oh geez (laughs).

Eri: Still that was really mean. It's not really a kiss mark, right?

Harumi: Nope, you could see some internal bleeding. It was a real punishment.

Hina: But that's the good part!

Harumi: But I got really scared. I think he was a bit on the crazy side and heck, he didn't even let me go to the bathroom. He's go into the bathroom with me when I had to pee and he'd watch me do it.

Manami: Oh wow. And this was when you were 16?

Harumi: Yeah, he really did a lot of things to you. He'd tied me up and do lots of things to me in the car.

Eri: There really is a lot out there. Maybe I'm still a little girl.

Interviewer:So then, what would be the ideal sex scene for you?

Eri: Hmmm, one with love. A confident guy that would lead would be an ideal scene for me. Inside the house, that is. I don't want to do it out in the woods (laughs).

Nao: Hey, it's not like I liked doing it out there (laughs). Indoors is good.

Hina: I personally want a scene where everything is pushed to the limit for both of us. In terms of time, stamina, everything.

Harumi: That sounds pretty hardcore.

Eri: I can't even imagine it.

Interviewer:You should be careful for what you wish for. It's not going to end with just some anal sex, you know.

Hina: It's okay, I want an enema anyway.

Manami: Oh wow, you go Hina!

Hina: That doesn't mean I want to do it with just anyone though. I want to do it with someone I love.

Manami: Yeah, that's true. A sexual experience that goes to a limit is something I want to do too. I don't mind normal sex, but I want us to do it as long as possible. Like all night long (laughs).

Nao: I want something normal. I don't want any weird sex. I'm sick of the woods (laughs).

Hina: Don't you want to have sex somewhere else from time to time though?

Nao: I do (laughs). That's why I did inside the bathroom of a train once.

Manami: Oh wow (laughs).

Nao: I do think that normal sex is the best for your private life though. We do weird things for work anyway.

Manami: What's your ideal sex scene, Harumi?

Harumi: Well, what happened to me a few times is that I'd get drunk and have a few one-night stands. But I really don't want to see the guy when I wake up in the morning. I only want to see him for like two hours or so. But it's different if it's someone I love. I want him by my side in the morning and I want to feel relaxed by seeing his face by my side.

Manami: I see. That would be a really nice thing to have. So, what are you all going to do in 2002? Let's start off with Harumi.

Harumi: Work, I guess. My private life is really hectic right now so I want to concentrate on my work as I set everything in place. So I want to do all types of work now. I'll probably accept everything that'll come my way. I want to give it my best while I still can.

Nao: I've done 18 AV tapes so far and I want to publish at least 30. I guess that's my objective for this year. I've done pretty hardcore AVs so far and I think I'll have almost everything down by the time I reach 30.

Interviewer:How about you, Manami?

Manami: I want to find a boyfriend (laughs). That and to become an adult. I tend to rely on other people too much. So I want to be able to do everything by myself. That's my main objective.

Eri: I want to be an adult too, but I'm not sure what exactly an adult means anymore.

Manami: Yeah... but I still see myself as a little kid. So I want to become a bit more mature. How about you, Hina?

Hina: To hit it big.

Manami: You did already (laughs).

Hina: No, I don't think I've reached it yet. So, I want to hit it big and retire while I'm still on top. That's my goal. I want to be one of those actresses who slowly lose popularity and fade into obscurity. So I want to work hard and get popular, and then quit while I'm still ahead.

Interviewer:Oh come on, it's way too early for you to be thinking about retiring. I thought you told me that you wanted to be a slutty AV Idol.

Hina: Well, I will do my best. I do want to do other things besides porn though. Of course, money is a big factor in this. I want to give it my best when it comes to porn and other types of work as well.

Manami: Yes, let's give it our best. Next is... Eri?

Eri: I've only debuted recently so my goal is to work harder from now on. I want to get popular and try different types of things. That was part of the reason I started doing this in the first place, so I'm going to challenge myself and try new things.

Interviewer:Yes, I really hope that all of you will get lots of work in 2002.

Hina: Huh? The conversation seems to have ended. Is this the end?

Manami: No, there's still things I want to talk about.

Hina: All right, then why don't we talk about the rumors of the industry then? Why don't you come a bit closer? None of the following stuff is going to be printable anyway.

Harumi: That sounds interesting.

Manami: Yep (laughs).

Everyone: *Whisper* *Whisper*...

And so they talked about things we can't print here. Things like who's going out with who and who's actually married already... hmm, so sad indeed (cries).

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