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Momoi Nozomi Interview

Note: Momoi Nozomi was murdered on Oct. 12, 2002.
To read more, please go to:

Interviewer:Sorry to bother you while you're still eating.

Nozomi: Oh, it's nothing.

Interviewer:It looks like your career is going well. All the staff around here is really impressed with your work.

Nozomi: (Looks happy) Really--? But I've done a 100 tapes now. I guess it should be natural for me by now.

Interviewer:Has it been a 100? It's still a lot of fun for us making the magazine to be able to follow your career as an actress though.

Nozomi: My "career as an actress"? I don't think it's really anything all that sophisticated (laughs)... well, I remember the first 30 or so tapes pretty well, but everything after that's a bit hazy. I was having so much fun at first that I didn't feel tired at all. It's gotten a lot harder recently though. I do as much as 10 tapes a month nowadays, although that doesn't change the fact that I enjoy the shoots.

Interviewer:Wouldn't that mean that you like sex? I noticed that you have a very satisfied look on your face at the end of your tapes.

Nozomi: I guess I do. I don't mind doing it everyday (laughs).

Interviewer:Everyday!? Then what kind of sex do you have outside of work?

Nozomi: Well, I like it when my partner is forceful on me, so I tend to be on the receiving side. I get the feeling that I've become less inhibited recently though. I sometimes get turned on by just the things we say to each other now (laughs). I think sex talk is very important. It helps set the mood for the actual thing.

Interviewer:So it's all about the mood for you...

Nozomi: Yes, I'd say so. I'm sure the reason I'm less inhibited now is because of all the AVs I've been doing. I remember when I debuted Director Tohjiro told me "You should be a bit more perverted". Maybe that's when it started...

Interviewer:So that made you more aggressive?

Nozomi: Well, for example, if both me and my partner stop being so embarrassed during sex, there's a lot more things we can do together. Sort of like opening your heart to it.

Interviewer:I guess someone telling you to "Become perverted!" can be pretty effective. So I guess now in your private life you've become quite a...

Nozomi: Pervert, yes... (laughs).

Interviewer:Hahaha! So you admit it yourself! Well... how about we talk about before you became so perverted? You started because you got scouted?

Nozomi: Yes, right in Shinjuku.

Interviewer:Is the reason why you're doing this line of work the money you get from it?

Nozomi: That is a factor but I used to have a very normal job up until then. I used to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to get ready for work and I didn't have time to put on make-up or do my hair... It was the type of job where I was alone most of the time so I didn't bother with it.

Interviewer:And you wanted to change the way you lived?

Nozomi: I just wanted something to escape from my old lifestyle. I didn't know what I wanted do at the time, and I hated myself for that. That really made me stressed back then so it's not that I wanted to work on something different but to make more money. That was when I got scouted.

Interviewer:So, you had the feeling that you could do anything once you had more money. Did that feeling change after you started doing AVs?

Nozomi: People often tell me that I've lightened up a lot. The people I've known for a long time tell me that I've changed a lot. I'm not too sure myself though. I'm glad that I've entered this world (smiles).

Interviewer:Oh, that's good. So you've really gotten into the type of work and...

Nozomi: Well... it was a lot of fun at first, but I'm really tired nowadays. To tell you the truth, I think I'm over-exerting myself right now. So I want to take a decent vacation rather than get paid.

Interviewer:You really do look like it.

Nozomi: I know. And doing so many tapes makes me get sick of doing them. The makers and the staff keep telling me that it's better to just do a whole bunch of them at once but... I didn't really understand what they meant until recently.

Interviewer:Until you did a 100 tapes (laughs).

Nozomi: Yes, finally (laughs). It was pretty hard going when I started out now that I think about it...

Interviewer:Oh yeah, I heard that you didn't like it when they film concentrated scenes of you.

Nozomi: It's more of not being comfortable than not liking it. In a way it's nice since there's no one else on the screen, but that puts more pressure on me. That and this one time I was doing it was with a director that I didn't get along with... I mean, all he'd do would make me do blow jobs. I like to use vibrators and things like that but all I think was suck and suck. I think it was that experience that made me not want to do them.

Interviewer:Even now?

Nozomi: Yep. In a normal shoot it's okay if I'm with an actor I don't like because it's just a temporary thing, and having other people around you is relaxing. It's mentally tougher when it's just you and one other person.

Interviewer:You seem to have a lot of tapes that do exactly that though. What about if it's with someone really cool? I hear you're a big fan of Kimutaku.

Nozomi: Then it's okay (laughs).

Interviewer:I thought so (laughs). Have your tastes in men changed at all? Are you still all about looks?

Nozomi: Well... cool looking men are still the best. You know, those guys that even other guys think that they're manly?

Interviewer:You seem to be rather keen when it comes to talking about guys (laughs). By the way, you told me that you didn't have a hobby the last time we talked but have you found one?

Nozomi: I guess it would be cooking. That and going shopping once a week. I go to a lot of places like Shinjuku and shop. I went and got a whole set of house wares a couple of weeks ago and replaced everything I have at home, in fact.

Interviewer:Didn't you live in a small single apartment?

Nozomi: Yeah---, I know I have to save up my money but I can't help myself when I see clothes and other stuff I want. Oh, I also go out and eat often because I like to drink.

Interviewer:You like alcohol? That's a bit unexpected. You got out with your friends?

Nozomi: I go drinking with my friends at times, and other times with my boyfriend.

Interviewer:What!? Boyfriend?

Nozomi: ...I do have one you know...

Interviewer:I see... I thought you might have one but it's a bit of a shock for you to just come out and say it like that. So you're completely in love right now.

Nozomi: Well... something like that (laughs). I didn't have one until really recently though. I was thinking about picking up a couple guys a little while ago though. I was going to try for the first cool looking guy I saw. Of course, in the end I didn't.

Interviewer:You picking up a guy! I want to see that! (laughs).

Nozomi: Some of my friends do it all the time.

Interviewer:But that's not really related to you doing it. You have some really nice friends...

Nozomi: (suddenly) Speaking about friends, one of mine called me a little while ago!

Interviewer:Huh? Is that a problem?

Nozomi: From my hometown! A classmate of mine from highschool called me and asked "Aren't you Momoi Nozomi?" I think they have rumors about me now.

Interviewer:Do you have a problem with that?

Nozomi: I told her that I'm busy with work and she laughed and asked if I was in the middle of a shoot. I think a good portion of them know.

Interviewer:It's not like you did only 1 or 2 tapes.

Nozomi: That's true. I did think that they would find out sooner or later but it's not long enough for me to think "Wow, that took them a while to figure out". Then again, it's a bit too late to be worried about this type of stuff isn't it?

Interviewer:Exactly! I'm glad you think of it that way. One last question. I'm sure you're giving your best in your shoots right now, but is there a genre that you want to do?

Nozomi: I guess I'm a bit tired of the rape-themes that I've been doing from all school uniform and bloomers tapes that I've been in. But there are some makers that are letting me take the seductress role nowadays. It was a lot of fun when I tried it (laughs). Making men play along to me is something new so it's fun to do. I think that's the type of thing I want to do more of.

Interviewer:So you've gotten tired of bloomers and sailor uniforms. But I think your fans will be expecting more of them.

Nozomi: Then I don't mind doing more of them. I just want to do all that I can while I'm still getting work. Like I said before, I enjoy the shoots a lot. There are times when I think it's hard and tiring, but the fun part is a lot greater!

Interviewer:Well, thank you for your time. Good luck on your 200 and 300 tape milestones!

Nozomi: I'm not sure if I want to (laughs).

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