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Kanazawa Bunko Interview

Kanazawa Bunko is a very famous AV actress. However, what is the real Bunko like in everyday life? You might be surprised after reading this interview.

Interviewer:They say you like strange guys.

Bunko: Well, you know, I go for guys that just get on your nerves. Really stubborn types. Not stalkers, though.

Interviewer:What kind of guys have you gone out with up to now?

Bunko: Guys under medical observation, without homes, or who are addicts were pretty fun. I liked trying to reform them. I never got them completely better, but I triedÖ

Interviewer:Can you stay in a relationship for very long?

Bunko: Sometimes for two or three months. That was long for me in high school. But I am different now.

Interviewer:Do those guys ever put you in any kind of danger?

Bunko: They sure do. I am good at running away. They arenít the kind to talk about breaking up. I end up running away in the middle of the night.

Interviewer:What makes you feel happy?

Bunko: I donít think I do feel happy. I used to be happy when playing with friends, but I donít see them any more. Sometimes we do talk on the phone, but I am not good at long conversations. I just say what I have to and hang up. I e-mail, but it is the same there too. I just say what I have to. I must be pretty boring as a friend.

Interviewer:So, what do you usually do?

Bunko: I stay at home. I donít take a step out of the house. I just play video games all day. Really, all day. I get the top scores always. Thatís all I do after work. I cleared Final Fantasy in a week. Most people say that is almost impossible, but I just wanted to get through it. I go to the next game as soon as I am done.

Interviewer:What else do you like?

Bunko: TV. My TV is always on. I see the talk shows and news and variety shows. If itís on, Iíll watch it.

Interviewer:You donít like to go out shopping?

Bunko: I do, but it is always something I do when out for some other reason. If I go overseas I go on a shopping spree. I just buy all sorts of clothes and stuff all at once.

Interviewer:You sure are a strange one.

Bunko: Iím just a recluse. When I go on a shopping spree, I buy lots of CDs. Then I just listen to them over and over.

Interviewer:You donít have much of a chance to meet guys, do you?

Bunko: Iím not really interested.

Interviewer:You arenít lonely?

Bunko: I am lonely. Even if I was going out with someone, I like my private time. I like to be close to someone, but sleeping alone is easier. I can't sleep right with someone next to me.

Interviewer:I bet your conversations with your boyfriend are short.

Bunko: Thatís right. I hang up right after we decide when and where to meet next. Even when I think that it was a long call, if I look at the clock, only five minutes have passed.

Interviewer:And thatís OK with your boyfriend, even when you canít be together for a while?

Bunko: It seems so. I ask how his day is, he tells me, and then I hang up. It is just so much easier. Better than most girls who just blab on about anything. The relationship lasts longer that way.

Interviewer:What about fights?

Bunko: Yeah, I have fights. We say what we hate about each other. But I always lose. I just shut up and go back to my apartment.

Interviewer:What kind of child were you?

Bunko: Not much different than I am now. I was good at science, but awful at Japanese and English. I got terrible grades.

Interviewer:Your math and science grades were good?

Bunko: Top of the class. But the others were so bad that overall I was less than average. I like math, the solving of problems. That must be why I get hooked on video games.

Interviewer:So, you are pretty careful about watching your money?

Bunko: Not at all. I told you I go on shopping sprees. I donít think about how much I have until later. But I manage to get a seasonís worth at one shot. And it is great for relieving stress.

Interviewer:Do you manage to make ends meet?

Bunko: I keep a record of my expenses. It is good for passing the time. I like to think about what areas I have to save on to spend more on others. I put bottles of water in the toilet tank to lower the amount of water used. That saves me money.

Interviewer:You sure are diligent. And you work in the same way?

Bunko: Well, I am really bad at acting. If I have a lot of lines, I learn them right before going on. So, I donít know the entire flow. I canít adlib very well either. I am not good at taking the lead either. Better to just leave that to the actor.

Interviewer:Overseas locations must be hard on you, being long and all.

Bunko: I like overseas shoots, but I canít take the airplane. Takeoff and landing are OK, but all that rattling and stuff when cruising is scary. I worry about the engines falling off and stuff.

Interviewer:Do you ever just want to go home?

Bunko: When I do overseas shoots, my lifestyle is more like it should be. I eat breakfast every morning, unlike at home. It feels good to eat a regular meal three times a day. I feel no apprehension about taking off my clothes in Bali or other south-seas islands. It's like I am supposed to go nude. I don't do well on the beach, though.

Interviewer:How is that?

Bunko: Well, there are the sounds of waves and all. I get seasick just hearing that sound. I can't take it. I feel like I am gonna barf.

Interviewer:Did you have some sort of trauma when you were young?

Bunko: Yeah. When I was a child, I was pulled under by the waves. I can still remember it. I was tossed around and around. My feet were pointing up and my head was underwater. My mother grabbed me and pulled me out.

Interviewer:So, you only go to the pool in the summer?

Bunko: That's right. I love the water slide. I donít care if my bathing suit rides up the crack of my butt or my tits are almost showing. I just love to go zooming down, screaming my head off.

Interviewer:So, you like speed?

Bunko: Yeah, there are these jet boats in Bali. They are the best. You open the gas wide open and you bounce above the waves. I couldnít get enough...

Interviewer: You might get sucked under by waves, you know.

Bunko: I donít mind then. I just love the danger.

Interviewer:You must sleep well at the hotel after a day like that.

Bunko: Actually, I canít. I just stay awake all night. I wake up early in the morning even if I only get a few minutes of sleep. I canít sleep right at any place but my own futon. I never fall asleep riding the train.

Interviewer:What would you like to do in the future?

Bunko: Hmm. I donít know. I went to see a famous fortune-teller and was told that I would get married this year or next year. So, maybe I will get married. Unbelievable, huh?

Interviewer:You would like raise a family?

Bunko: Yeah, Iíd like that. Itís not doing anything in particular. I just like the atmosphere of a home.

Our interview with Kanabun was really interesting. It wasnít what we expected at all. Her voice was lower than I expected. Some of the things she does are really nonsense, but she was really cute.

Her face was like her photos - lovely and bright. This interview sure made me a fan. I think that making others enjoy themselves is fun for her. In the short time we had for the interview, she gave us a chance to see her natural expression. She sure made it fun for us. Maybe she didnít notice how much fun it was. She seemed so natural.

She made us feel how much she really enjoys being by herself in her room. She sure is smart, that Kanabun. As she matures, Kanabun will become even more of a fine woman. I think that she will be a naturally cute 30 year old.

I hope we can interview her again then!

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