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Aoi MinoriBody Park: Aoi Minori

Translated by Ex-S Woo

"I debuted while still thinking how much I didn't want to do this!"

I've already made fifteen tapes since I've been scouted. I still remember my debut video though. I don't think I moved at all now that I think about it. I was seriously thinking about running out of the place at the time. It wasn't because I was nervous. I really hated it at the time. I think I also cried during then. I remember that much. So it is the video that I have the most memories with, but at the same time it's the worst one I've been in. It's definitely not something I could recommend to my fans. Nowadays I'm split 50/50 with my thoughts of hating this work and enjoying it. I start to enjoy it once the shooting actually starts.

"I was on the tennis team for both junior high and high school. I love cute guys!"

I was on the tennis team for junior high and high school. We didn't take things too seriously though. I was interested in men back then too. I still love cute guys, just like back then. I finally got a boyfriend when I turned fourteen. He was really popular and I liked him a lot. And given that he was the one that confessed to me... I was all over him. But everyone around us were became so cold around us that we couldn't do anything. We didn't date... we didn't even walk home together. Relationships naturally dissolve in that situation. The next thing I knew he found someone else and we broke up. I still think about him every once in a while. If I was more truthful to myself and acted, I think I wouldn't feel angry at myself.

"I wasn't pressured but I did have sex."

I did it for the first time when I was fifteen. I think I was a freshman in high school at the time. There were girls sleeping around back then, but I didn't feel pressured. I guess it was just the timing. It was someone that I did like and it's not like I regret it. He was the same age as me but I think he had lost his virginity already back then. I didn't go out with him that long though. At most three months. I didn't even feel down when we did break up. Maybe I didn't like him that much after all?

"I like sex, but I can't get used to the shoots!"

I think I like sex. I'm not seeing anyone right now, but I think I wouldn't mind having a sex friend. But I still can't get used to shooting in front of a camera though. There are some that enjoy it or get turned on by it, but I still get nervous even after fifteen tapes. There are times when I ponder about running out.

Aoi Minori
Aoi Minori's Vital Statistics
Aoi MinoriHair: I often keep it up. I sorta want to make it completely blond too.
Aoi MinoriEars: They tell me I have lucky ears. Then I wonder why I'm not rich?
Aoi MinoriEyes: I'm always worried about my eyesight. I need contacts whenever we shoot.
Aoi MinoriNose: Is it big? I think it's just the right size.
Aoi MinoriMouth: I wish it was smoother.
Aoi MinoriFace: I have a clean face. I hate the way my cheeks puff out though. I think I'd look more mature if that went down.
Aoi MinoriBreasts: I think they're fine. I don't think I have a complex with large breasts.
Aoi MinoriArms: A lot of hair grows by my arms. I think this is short enough though.
Aoi MinoriNavel: I think it's cute. I don't think about it much though.
Aoi MinoriBack: I think it looks pretty. Though everyone tells me that it looks like the back of a cat.
Aoi MinoriPubic area: I barely touched it. So there's quite a lot of hair there... what do you think of it?
Aoi MinoriAss: I think it's good that it's filling out. I'll get it full!
Aoi MinoriLegs: They swell up very easily. Maybe it's because I take so long whenever I go shopping.

Aoi Minori's Profile

Born: March 28, 1980

Age: 20

Blood type: B

Sign: Aries

Height:156 cm

Weight: 43 Kg

Bust: 82 cm

Underbust: 65 cm

Bra size: C cup

Waist: 56 cm

Hips: 84 cm

Shoe size: 23.5 cm

Debut: March 1999

Age of first love: 7

Age of first experience: 15

Number of people: 10

Youngest person slept with: 15

Oldest person slept with: 30

Favorite part of body: Breasts

Favorite position: Doggie style

Average sleeping time: 10 hours

Education: High school graduate

Miori's Sex Timeline

1980: Born

1993: First Period

1995: Lost Virginity

1997: First Orgasm

1999: AV debut in March.

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