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Body Park Vol. 111: Haruki Mizuno

Translated by Ex-S Woo

"I've never thought of myself as being cute before."

Everyone's being told that it's a come back for me, but I've thought of it as just taking a long break. I didn't even make a "good-bye" film or anything. I was just tired. Of course I was working hard on the films so I was physically tired, but I was mentally exhausted as well...I've often felt that I wasn't cute or pretty at all. I'm also still nervous when it comes to shoot the film as well. I thought I'd get used to it after I've been in a couple of films but that hasn't happened to me at all. If you look at the films I've been in 2 years ago, you can tell how embarrassed I am from my face. I never even imagined that I'd become an AV Girl.

"I'm the type that doesn't like to give up so that's why I ended up starring in a film."

I was thinking of rejecting it when they first brought up the idea of doing a film. But I don't like to give up on things. Since I didn't want to stop now, I thought, "If I'm going to do a film, I might as well be number 1." That's how much stress I was under. I still remember the director screaming at me. We were acting instead of doing sex scenes. I'm much worse at acting compared to doing sex scenes, so I was doing it while hoping it'd just all be over with. I can still remember vividly at how much the director was angry with me. I've been trying to not let that happen ever since then. I've done 2 videos since I've come back and I think I've been able to enjoy the sex more than I used to.

"I know I'm not a great actress but I want to be famous."

I'm bad at doing dramas but I want to be famous. You know the actress Maki Mizuno? She's my role model. That's why I decided to use the name Haruki Mizuno as my screen name when I debuted. I thought of it myself. Do you remember the commercial that went "Do you like a pretty sister?". I wanted to star in something like that. Now that I'm 21, I'm thinking that such a role would be perfect for me.

"I wouldn't have been able to do rape scenes before."

In the second video that I've made since my return, there's a scene where I get tied up and also another scene where I get raped. I've always refused to do such scenes up until now but while I was resting I realized how much I liked this line of work. So I decided to stop refusing certain types of scenes. I've had a lot more fun shooting that film than I thought I would, so I was happy that I gave it a try.

"I don't hate sex. But if the mood isn't right...(Heart)"

Though I can't say I like doing it in the films, I like to have sex during my private time. It's just that, well, maybe I'm still like a kid in this sense but I want the mood to be right. Not like "Let's do it!" when we're together but just ending up doing it naturally after doing stuff for a while. I'm quite a romantic.

"I liked to masturbate before I started doing AVs."

I did it for the first time back in Jr. High and it was also then when I first started masturbating. It was around the time when you started to see people on TV or in magazines say that they used vibrators and stuff like that so I was more curious as to how it would feel than actually being embarrassed about it. But I never worked up the courage to buy a real one. So instead I looked for something that could fill the role, so I ended up trying one of those massagers that they sell in family restaurants. When I pressed it against my clitoris over my panties it felt so good that I still do it every once in a while. But I still don't use those pink vibrators. The massagers are cheaper and its not embarrassing even if someone sees it. But it's still incredibly embarrassing whenever a masturbation scene comes up in a video. Even more so if I have to use a vibrator. It's just one of those things that you do in everyday life that's hard to do in front of others.

"I won't lie to my boyfriend so don't print any!"

I had a boyfriend even while I was taking a break. But I didn't lie to him. I told him that I was in AVs right out. He's a very jealous person so we broke up because he couldn't forgive that. Well, I'm the jealous type too. It's just that when I have a boyfriend I tell him everything that happened to me. So I don't want to lie to my boyfriend. I don't think having sex as part of my job is cheating, so I hope I'd meet someone who'd think the same.

Mizuno Haruki's Vital Statistics
Hair: It's really messy like a cat's fur so it doesn't set for long periods of time.
Ears: I'm not really concerned with it, but I get this feeling that it's not quite normal.
Eyes: They're not exactly cat eyes, but I like the way they look.
Nose: Ah, the tiny nose. A trait that's typically Japanese, so I don't mind it sometimes.
Mouth: It looks a little like a duck's, doesn't it? That's what I like about it.
Face: I wish I looked more like Maki Mizuno, but since I'm Haruki Mizuno, I'll have to put up with this face. I do like my eyes and lips though.
Breasts: I'm happy that they've developed. I like a lot.
Arms: My bones are pretty thick. I've been trying to make it not stand out.
Navel: It's quite small so I think it's pretty cute. It's one of my favorite parts on my body.
Back: I think it looks pretty nice so I don't mind getting pictures of my back taken.
Pubic area: Given my line of work, I have to make sure it's clean almost every single day.
Ass: I hate it. So I try not to think of it whenever possible. Maybe it's okay since it's not some place I can really see.
Legs: The knees look like they're slanted inwards a bit. I hope it goes away, but I hear it's pretty hard.

Mizuno Haruki's Profile

Born: July 21, 1979.

Age: 21

Blood Type: A

Height: 150 cm

Weight: 43 Kg

Bust: 85 cm

Under Bust: 65 cm

Bra Size: E Cup

Waist: 56 cm

Hip: 86 cm

Shoe Size: 23 cm

Debut Year: December, 1997

First Experience: 15 years old

Number of Partners: 50

Youngest Age of Partner: 19

Oldest Age of Partner: 46

Pleasure zones: Ears, stomach

Favorite position: Missionary

Normal Sleeping time: 10 Hours

Education Completed: HS Dropout.

Haruki's Sex Timeline

1979: I was born.

1991: First time I bled. My breasts might've developed a bit too.

1994: I did it for the first time soon after entering Jr. High. Also started masturbating.

1997: I debuted in the AV world with a "Pretty Girl" image.

1998: Stopped in September.

2000: Started again in September, my comeback after 2 years.

Haruki's SECRET AV Score

Hornyness Score: 40

Beauty Score: 60

Experience Score: 60

Lesbian Score: 10

Acting Score: 20

Sexual Skill Score: 40

VB Score: 80

Average Score: 70

Future Occupation Thoughts

Housewife: 20%

Soapland: 40%

Escort Service: 10%

Office Lady: 10%

TV Star: 30%

Retire: 80%

Re-rise to stardom: 10%

Haruki's Data Room

Hobby: Cleaning out ear

Favorite Sports: HS Baseball

Favorite Movie: Titanic

Favorite Foods: Sweet things, sour things

Cooking ability: None

Least Fav. Food: None

Favorite Color: Pastel colors

Favorite Flower: Rose

Favorite Make: Betty Johnson

Self Analysis: I have a hot temper

Likes: Men who are nice

Dislikes: Men who aren't

Today's panty color: White

If I wasn't an AV star I would be: Working at a Soapland

Total number of underwear: 20 Bras, 30 Panties

My one wish: To stay beautiful forever

Family consists of: Father, Mother, Sister, Grandfather

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