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Talking In The Bathroom

Translated by: Ex-S Woo

Photographer: Tomoyuki Tanaka
Hair & Make up: Izumi Konuma
Styling: Kurumi Morishita

This month's guest is Miss Kurumi Morishita. A star of numerous Indie films where she's the subject of many semen showers, she had an unusually cold and solitary personality during our interview. So what is she really like under that smiling face?

"I often stay home when I have days off. Especially in days like these when it's really hot."

Interviewer:I hear that you've been called "The Queen of Independent AVs".

Kurumi: Yeah, I have. I don't like it though (laughter).

Interviewer:You've only worked on Indies?

Kurumi: Yes. I've always been working with Soft On Demand. I've done over 20 films with them so far.

Interviewer:So it's not like you particularly prefer doing Indies?

Kurumi: Not at all. It just worked out that way.

Interviewer:You seem to do a lot of hardcore scenes?

Kurumi: I never really noticed it. I don't remember ever thinking that SOD is making me do hardcore stuff. But I do think that mine's more risque when compared to most other AV Actresses.

Interviewer:Have you ever thought that doing Idol-esque films would be better?

Kurumi: Not at all (laughter). I think the way I do them is better befitting an AV actress.

Interviewer:Are you a fan of your own videos?

Kurumi: Nope. See, I'm pretty unconfident about my works so when I watch them at home I'll be like "There's something wrong about that scene" or "I could've done better than that!"

Interviewer:You mean like as when you look at it from a consumer's viewpoint?

Kurumi: Hmmm? It gets a little complicated so I'm not really sure. I can tell what's wrong on other people's videos though.

Interviewer:Such as?

Kurumi: Since I look at it from a female standpoint, if the characters are interesting I think of it as them being cute, not sexy. The one person who I thought was sexy was Ayanami Ryou. You think that she's sexy even if you're a female, which I think is special.

Interviewer:What do you find about her that's sexy?

Kurumi: It just seems so right. Her voice is good too.

Here's Kurumi wearing on a cute bra on her head. A must get Item for the upcoming summer!

Interviewer:Do you think that you're sexy?

Kurumi: I don't really see myself that way. I don't really want to get cornered into one role. It'll be boring then.

Interviewer:So you want to do other work besides the ones you do for SOD?

Kurumi: I think I want to star in a movie. Being cast as something like "Student A" is good enough, you know. I don't really see myself as becoming a huge star...

Interviewer:So you want to break into the movie business?

Kurumi: I do think about it sometimes.

Interviewer:Does that mean that you started doing these videos in order to eventually get such work?

Kurumi: No, not at all. It just crosses my mind every once in a while when I'm working...

Interviewer:Is there anything you feel lacking in your current line of work?

Kurumi: I wonder about that myself...I have felt that even my best works were so so, like there's this big gap. I always think that I could've done better, but I never really know what I could've improved on.

Interviewer:In what circumstances do you feel that you could've done better?

Kurumi: ...well, (embarrassed) I...I don't want to tell...(laughter).

Interviewer:That's a rather abrupt way to end this conversation (laughter).

Kurumi: (A little nervous)...well, I'm an AV actress so I don't really try to be sexy..., and I don't think I trust other people much..., but I like doing this type of work!

Interviewer:??? That was a bit all over the place.

Kurumi: There are things I like to do and things I don't...


Kurumi: A cameraman once told me "You have no right to be happy if you're nothing but a damned AV actress!". Well, he said it after I refused to go out with him, but it was still a bit of a shock...

>"I didn't want to show my loneliness to anyone else."

Interviewer:Has there ever been anyone where you've shown all your weaknesses?

Kurumi: ...nope, none. I'm really prideful....really.

Interviewer:So there hasn't been anyone?

Kurumi: Yeah. Especially to my boyfriend.

Interviewer:Is that also due to your lack of trust?

Kurumi: Hmmm? I just can't seem to open up completely, for some reason.

Interviewer:Have you ever thought that you'll feel better if you did open up?

Kurumi: I do think that it'll be wonderful if I could...but I can't!

Interviewer:So you're not good at getting spoiled.

Kurumi: I don't spoil people, and they don't spoil me. Maybe it's because I was never spoiled...

Interviewer:Were you trying to grow up fast when you were young?

Kurumi: No, I just thought that was normal while I was growing up, so I did everything myself, without relying on anyone else.

>"I don't like men who flirt too much. Everyone! Real men shouldn't do such things!"


Interviewer:Don't you have a lot of stress?

Kurumi: I think I've been under a fair bit of stress recently. At first, I had no idea what it was that was bothering me though.

Interviewer:So what happens when you're stressed out?

Kurumi: I start to hallucinate, Hahahaha. Around this time last year, I was suffering from some depression and I was worried that if I got even more stressed out I'd be in deep trouble. Then out of no where I thought I saw a cat pass by me but when I checked again the cat was on the other side of the street!

Interviewer:...so any other bad memories of your childhood aside from your parents fighting?

Kurumi: Ah...I hated my father. My brother's a year younger than me and we'd always say things like "Let's finish him off" and things like that (laughter). "We can't wait for god to act!" and stuff like that.

Interviewer:What didn't you like about your father?

Kurumi: He'd drink ALL the time, and when he sobered up he'd scream at all of us. And if you tried to change the channel, he'd put it back on to baseball but he wouldn't say a word to you...you know, that type.

Interviewer:Were you ever beaten?

Kurumi: Oh, all the time. My brother and I once decided to "really kill him this time!", but there were a lot of murder cases going on at the time and on TV and you'd see them all get captured. So we figured that we'd get caught too and decided to abandon the idea.

Interviewer:So as a kid you felt your dad was worse than your mom?

Kurumi: Yep. Not that I really care anymore. They got divorced when I was a junior in high school.

Interviewer:So until you were a junior your family life was pretty crappy?

Kurumi: I guess so...we were all living under dad's watchful eye until then. We didn't know when he'd blow up at us. But he seems to be doing pretty well now. I consider my mom to be my only real parent but my dad's in Tokyo so we contact each other every once a while. We went out to eat dinner together recently.

Interviewer:So you two are close now?

Kurumi: Not really close, but he seemed really lonely, so...it sorta of made me sad seeing him like that...

Interviewer:What did you talk about? Didn't it feel weird?

Kurumi: I didn't like it at all. But we didn't really talk about anything important...you know how it is...

Interviewer:Since you grew up in such a family setting, didn't you want to get loved by the people around you?

Kurumi: Oh, of course. I really wanted to get along with everyone and make tons of friends but sometimes it ended up as being "I don't need any friends!" I didn't want to show anyone else how lonely I really was deep inside.

There's not too many people who has such a perfect body as this.
It's no fair you get to be the only one peeking in! Take me next time!

Morishita Kurumi's Profile

Born: 7/29/1979

B 85 (D Cup)-W 60-H 87 (That's 33-24-34 in US terms)


Hobbies: Drawing.

Debuted in SOD's 1999 AV "Ubu", and has maintained popularity ever since.

Plans for the future: Mother of 2 kids.

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