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A nice chat with one of the biggest AV-idols in Japan.

How did she get the name Kanazawa Bunko and what does she think about being photographed? Here she'll tell you everything you want to know...

Interviewer:First of all, what do you think about today's photo shoot for the cover? It sure was cold today.

Bunko: Yeah, it was. I can't take the cold. And I am terrible in the mornings. Actually, I overslept today. It was a real mess.

Interviewer:Was it the first time you were photographed is a schoolgirl's uniform?

Bunko: I have had quite a few photo sessions for Bejean in a blazer-type uniform. The uniform I had on today had a collar like a sailor suit. Almost like a junior high uniform. When I was in school, we had something like a sailor suit with a blazer underneath. So I am experienced in both - pretty economical, huh? (laughs). I think the blue ribbon on the uniform I wore today was pretty cute, don't you?

Interviewer: You did the cover shot for the BS CD-ROM, too. You must be used to the photo sessions now.

Bunko: I'm not used to it at all. I'm not nervous or anything. But making a smile, I get tired and can't smile any more. So I end up with a kinda stiff look. And I don't like the bright lights. It was good weather today, so the mirrors were especially bright. But the staff today was mostly people I knew, so it was an easy shoot.

Interviewer:I imagine you had a tiring day. So, what brought you into this business in the first place?

Bunko: At first, I had no interest in the business at all. A friend introduced me and last February, I started modeling all of a sudden. I have been modeling for magazine covers for Bejean and the like. But to tell the truth, I don't like to have my picture taken that much.

Interviewer:Really? All the high school girls nowadays are into print club and taking pictures.

Bunko: I have never done print club. To tell the truth, I don't get out that much. I go straight home after school and watch dramas on TV or watch movies on video. I just like being spaced out in front of the TV (laughs).

Interviewer:Sounds just like a housewife. Your stage name "Bunko Kanazawa" has a lot of impact. Do you know where it came from?

Bunko: Actually, the name was decided before I even heard about it. I don't know why I got that name. I told the staff that anything would be OK. And they said, "You are Bunko Kanazawa from now on." (laughs)

Interviewer:You know that there is a famous train station in Kanagawa prefecture called 'Kanazawa Bunko'...

Bunko: I first found out from the makeup artist that there was such a place. I really don't like it when people laugh at me because of my name (laughs). But it is easy to remember. And I don't hate the name itself. Just don't abbreviate it to 'Bun-chan' or 'Kanabun.' That, I hate.

Interviewer:But isn't 'Kanabun' the title of your photo book?

Bunko: That's right! You know, we went to Okinawa and Izu to take the photos. It was terribly busy, but fun. I tried hard for those all-out shots without a bathing suit. It was kinda embarrassing, but do take a look. I will try even harder next time.

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