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Zenra (All Nude Sports Series) videos

Reviewed by Chris Feld (chris_feld@hotmail.com)

Publisher: Soft on Demand
Available at: J-List
Cost: $24.95 US
Video quality: Fair
Music: Good.
Hentai quality: Excellent, wonderful
Sex: N/A
Overview: A great series from Soft on Demand, the unique Japanese company

UPDATE: The videos reviewed by Chris are now out of print. They have been replaced by the Stark Nakedness Super Hair Nude DVD, a super 5-in-1 DVD that gives you 5 of the Zenra videos for just $30.

If you've browsed J-List's offerings of adult products from Japan, you will know who Soft on Demand is. Basically, they are a very interesting, very ballsey video company from Japan that makes adult videos with a twist, with everything from hardcore AV to fetish videos and more.

I am reviewing some of the videos which I bought from the Zenra series. The videos I watched were

  • ZENRA001 20 Zenra Girls in All Nude Swimming
  • ZENRA002 20 Zenra Girls in All Nude Aerobics
  • ZENRA 003 20 Zenra Girls in All Nude Machine Training
  • ZENRA004 Steal into 20 Zenra Girls Beds

In this series, the directors of SOD take a bunch of Japanese girls and film them doing various sports totally in the nude. It's a really unique kind of adult video, since there's no hardcore sex involved, and really, these videos are both more than, and less than, a standard adult video experience.

In the swimming video, for example, the camera watches the 20 girls as they go into the dressing room and peel off their clothes, getting totally nude, before putting on their swimsuits. They then go out to this large indoor pool which you can see inside, thanks to a plexiglass sheet (or is it transparent aluminum?). Watching the girls, some of whom aren't able to swim, take lessons through the water is sexy. Then, when they peel off their swimsuits and swim totally in the nude, it's even better.

As with all Japanese videos, these have to have mosaics, unfortunately. However, since these girls aren't having sex, most of the shots were *without* moscic. This was very welcome indeed. You really get to see your fill of very pretty hair. Only some shots, where the delicious details would have been visible, are blurred, and it's done with a "blur spot" and not a mosaic.

Since these are videos, they are not as good in quality as DVDs which I've been getting used to. They are quite good though, since they're shrinkwrapped commercial tapes, not "grey" or pirate tapes. Each tape was 60 minutes long, give or take.

These videos are fun to put on in the background, especially on a large TV. They're also fun at parties with lots of males.

Originally posted July 12, 2001

In general, I rate these tapes four stars: ****







Japanese nude sports

Japanese nude sports

Japanese nude sports


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